Why you should support Danielle Mitchell

“Diagnosis: Politicians are bought and paid for by private interest groups, and they have no interest in PROTECTING you.”

-Danielle Mitchell, MD – Family Physician and Small Business Owner

Campaign for the 3rd Congressional District, Tennessee

Policy Statement

Our nation is divided.

We are not listening to one another. We are bombarded with messages that immerse us in ideas and experiences of hate, discrimination and anger. Our compassion for the struggles of others, and the empathy we receive for our own troubles, appears to be waning. We feel emotionally empty and physically fatigued. We oftentimes despair behind closed doors, we cry, we feel ignored. But, despite these challenges, I would like to inspire you to recognize we still feel the spark, we still search for human connection and WE STILL HAVE HOPE.


I believe we experience connection when we choose to seek it. The joy we feel when we offer a smile to someone we don’t know, or pray together in an expression of faith is a form of connection. The art of listening respectfully, especially when that person shares a different viewpoint than that of our own, is actually an opportunity to learn. ASKING QUESTIONS before a choice is made helps us make more informed decisions and preserves human dignity. I believe that having diversity in opinion is not only OK, but I also recognize that sharing our different viewpoints actually opens up the pathway to connection and helps identify solutions.

We are innately tied together by the common elements of struggle and the human experience. Income, race, sexual preference, religious affiliation, I see these as the things that we have in common, not what divides us. I believe we all play an integral role in shaping our community and defining our nation. I believe that a country founded on the principles of democracy, where each person may live their life as an individual in their community, is a right. The America I love is a nation where we are accepted and we are cared for because we recognize we ALL matter. We are, and always should be, equal.

I was inspired to run for U.S. Representative of Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District because it has become increasingly obvious that politicians who are bought and paid for by private interest groups threaten the very foundation of our nation’s democracy AND YOUR PERSONAL FREEDOM. These corrupt politicians go on to serve the private interests of those they receive money from and abandon you. They are NOT serving the common good of common people. Our current governing body has lost sight of its most important responsibility: PROTECTING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

We have some of the most advanced healthcare in the world but you pay too much for it and often can’t access it.

We leave your elderly relatives, our community’s most vulnerable population, to fend for themselves while our government clings to a tax system that benefits only two percent of our nation.

Your children’s free public schools go underfunded, stealing opportunities away from our brightest young minds while simultaneously not properly recognizing the tireless efforts of our educators.

Some of you are working full time jobs and sometimes working two jobs, yet are still unable to feed your family without government assistance because the hourly MINIMUM wage will never support anything more than the MINIMUM which is POVERTY.

If you are unemployed there is no help for you to obtain SKILLSETS that would allow you to return to work and provide for your family.

Politicians are not focused on developing renewable energy technologies for you. These technologies would help the U.S.A. compete with countries like China and would provide an explosion of job opportunities for Tennesseans. Development of renewable energy also increases your energy choices and supports free market which would drive down the cost of energy for you.

The current administration has absolutely failed to recognize the importance of clean air, clean water and clean soil for you and your family. They don’t PROTECT YOU by protecting YOUR environment. They increase your healthcare costs by allowing others to recklessly make you and your family sick. They don’t care to ensure that you can safely eat the fish out of the Tennessee River, or that your child doesn’t have a severe asthma attack while playing outside.

The problems we face are many and diverse, but I do emphatically believe that they are solvable. They are solvable by placing the common good of common people first.

I am uniquely qualified to run for U.S. Representative of Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District because I am passionate about caring for people and I am trained to do so.

As your representative, I promise to LISTEN to you. I will NOT dodge my responsibility of town hall meetings in order to avoid hearing a different viewpoint. I will work tirelessly to put the focus back on YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I will support protections that help you not just survive, but THRIVE. As a business owner I pledge to support sensible tax structures and policies that keep you and our economy healthy. As a physician and business owner, I will use my knowledge of healthcare and commerce to help bring more affordable access to care FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I pledge to ensure our industries stay competitive and viable in a global marketplace MAKING TENNESSEE A MODEL OF EXCELLENCE.

I believe that if we work together to find solutions that support YOU then WE ALL BENEFIT.


Danielle’s Story

The reasons I choose to run for office are many.


I grew up in a poor family that regularly had to depend upon government resources in order for us to survive. By the time I was in sixth grade I had attended six different elementary schools because the cold harsh reality was that my family was evicted from house after house because we simply couldn’t afford paying rent. From a very early age I witnessed and recognized the desperation my parents must have felt as they tried to provide for their family in the best way they knew how.

As a child I also experienced first-hand the devastation and hopelessness that one experiences when they don’t have medical insurance. My family and I suffered the heartbreak of losing one of our own when one of my younger brothers tragically died one week before his thirteenth birthday. He had been diagnosed with epilepsy and obtaining access to medical care as well as purchasing life-saving medicines was a constant financial barrier for my family. I often wonder that if we had universal healthcare if my brother might still be here with us today. The instability of family hardships left a very large impression on my heart and tore a gaping hole in it that no child or adult should ever have to face.

I knew that in order to break the cycle of poverty I had to obtain an education. I not only accomplished being the first of my immediate family to attend college and put myself through school but I also succeeded in becoming a physician.

During my early career as a doctor I also overcame the diagnosis of morbid obesity. Over a year and a half into my journey through proper nutrition and exercise I had lost nearly 100 pounds and almost one decade later I can say with great pride that I have completed seven full distance IronMan® triathlons. My experiences have engendered within me a genuine sense for how to inspire and how to take care of people.

I decided I wanted to do better for others. With my own two hands I not only helped build my healthcare clinic, but almost four years later my staff and I take care of over 1,300 people in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a small business owner I understand the struggles first hand of what it is like to build something from nothing, serve the needs of our community and keep the business successfully functional in the face of many struggles.

Two years ago my life was once again forever changed. I was diagnosed with a very rare vascular disease. At 38 years old I was facing the threat of complete amputation of my entire right leg and thigh if I did not undergo surgical intervention. The doctor had become the patient. I had to undergo a complete vascular bypass of my entire right leg. The disease has brought new perspective into my life and a host of new fears. What happens if I lose my insurance? What happens if insurance companies start penalizing me because I have a pre-existing condition? What happens if I become uninsurable or can’t get enough insurance to cover my outrageous medical bills or costly medicines that I may incur in order for me to take care of myself? After devoting my entire adult life serving as a physician taking care of the needs of others will I be turned away?

I have spent my adult life listening to, problem solving and caring for others. Practicing medicine in today’s world requires not only the book knowledge but also knowing how to help people navigate a system burdened by unethical high cost that is driven by corruption.

The complex labyrinth that is our healthcare system is much akin to what is wrong with our current government. Both are rife with serving private interest groups and the politicians that are bought off by them. It is my firm belief that a sense of ethics, and a focus on caring for people applies not only in medicine, but should be the foundation of our government.


Representing people is more than just showing up for photo ops and attending expensive dinners. Representing people means you LISTEN to their concerns, you FIND SOLUTIONS and you GET. STUFF. DONE.

Elected officials should be there to PROTECT you and our community.

It’s time to elect government officials who are TRAINED to take care of people.


Danielle’s Professional and Personal Highlights

  • Board certified medical doctor (MD) Primary Care and Non-Operative Orthopedic Sports Medicine
  • Founder and sole proprietor of the Chattanooga Sports Institute and Center for Health, serving over 1,300 patients in Chattanooga, Tennessee


  • First member of her immediate family to attend college
  • Lost 100 pounds through proper nutrition and exercise and overcame a diagnosis of morbid obesity
  • 7-time IronMan® Triathlon finisher
  • Avid kayaker, hiker, bird watcher, gardener and cook
  • Enjoys home renovation projects and can wield a miter saw as well as she can a scalpel
  • Lifelong learner, student and teacher
  • Survivor


Snapshot of Danielle’s Core Principles

Live By the Golden Rule

  • How do you like to be treated?


    • I try to treat others as I would want to be treated. I recognize that I am not infallible, and more importantly I own the responsibility of my mistakes, and try to learn from them. I try to inspire others who in turn make me want to be better.

Healthcare for You

  • Do you believe that your health is part of the foundation of your communities and your nation? Do you believe that affordable access to healthcare is a high priority for you and your family?


    • Healthcare is a right and a responsibility, not a privilege.
    • Medicare should be expanded and funded to provide healthcare to all American citizens including Tennesseans. We can start by making Medicare a public option without assessing new taxes. If you would like to participate in the program you can feel confident that the health insurance premiums you pay are going toward an entity that is NOT FOR PROFIT and protects you and your family from corporate profiteering. This will also drive down the cost of other insurance plans through healthy competition and free market commerce.
    • We need to examine why healthcare has become so expensive for you and create affordable healthcare solutions that make costs including insurance premiums, medications and medical devices affordable for you and your family.
    • We need to protect you and your family by not financially penalizing people after they have survived devastating disease.
      • Through my experience both as a primary care physician and as a survivor of a life changing medical condition, I am keenly aware that we are not invincible. At any time, at any age, any one of us can suffer the devastation of unpredictable disease, tragic injury and life-shattering health malady. Many of these conditions are preventable. Emphasizing access to affordable healthcare and preventative services enables us to keep you and your family healthy while reducing what you pay for healthcare.

Working Toward a Cleaner, Healthier Future for You and Your Family

  • Is clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and clean soil to grow your food in important to you and your family?


    • We should be holding our government accountable to protect you from pollution and deadly chemical exposures that threaten not only your immediate health, but also forces you and your family to pay more for healthcare.
    • We should incentivize companies to develop sustainable and renewable energy solutions for you. This will create renewable energy jobs and keep our nation competitive with other countries like China. It will simultaneously protect the soil where you grow your food, the water you drink and bathe in and the air your children breathe.

Neutrality in Government to Protect You

  • Should government be legislating favoritism that harms you or your family?


    • One of the founding principles of a democratic society is the idea that you have the right to choose and minimize the role that government has regarding private matters in your life. People of all races, religions, genders, sexual preferences, disabilities and economic backgrounds deserve freedom. The role of government in democracy is to remain unbiased, neutral and protect you from discrimination.

Prosperity for You

  • Do you believe our current government protects a tax structure that serves to benefit only two percent of our nation?


    • It is important to develop and maintain a sensible tax structure that subsidizes key foundation services of your community such as education, affordable healthcare, public safety and infrastructure while keeping your businesses, stock markets and economy strong.

Sensible Capitalism

  • Do you believe that you and your family should have access to affordable healthcare, affordable education and other key vital public services?


    • Vital public services such as affordable healthcare, affordable education and other key public programs should not be subjected to the inherent conflict of interest of excessive profit. Our elected government officials should be implementing ways that will protect you from the unethical practices of corporate profiteering off of core vital public systems you and your family need.

Transparency to Protect You

  • Do you believe that corrupt government officials vote for policy based on who paid money to their campaign or similar agendas?


    • Transparency of government PROTECTS you. Full disclosure of who elected officials accept money from both during campaigning and while in office SHOULD BE MANDATORY. Politicians should be required to abstain from voting on issues that represent a clear conflict of interest especially when they have received contributions from companies who have a financial interest in that particular vote. Our officials should not be bought and paid for by private interest groups. Government officials should also be subjected to term limits. The president of the United States is subjected to term limits so why aren’t our other government positions?

Worker’s Rights are Your Rights

  • Are you able to make enough money on minimum wage to support yourself and your family without needing government assistance? Are you afraid that your health is jeopardized by the very job you perform but keep silent because you fear you may lose your job if you speak up?


    • We need to create a living wage for you. If you are working a full-time job you should have the means to take care of yourself and your family without having to rely upon government for help.
    • We need to protect your right’s to equal pay for the same job regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, disability or age.
    • We need to protect YOUR health and the safety of workers and their families from entities that put their employees’ life in harm’s way.

Make America Make Things Again

  • Do you feel hopeless regarding job opportunities or your ability to get a job?


    • We need to create more incentives for companies to manufacture in Tennessee, particularly in areas left devastated by the closing of factories or the decline of an industry. Revitalization of forgotten communities through tax breaks for employers as well as incentivizing the development of rapidly growing industries will help you earn a steady paycheck.

An Educated Tennessee is a Prosperous Tennessee

  • Do you feel that you cannot access job training resources that would help prepare you for the job you would like?


    • We need to initiate services to support and fully fund your public schools, helping ensure your children receive a fair chance to succeed.
    • We need to integrate trade schools as an early option in public education allowing your children the opportunity to enter the work force earlier if your child chooses to do so with your consent. Collaborating with local industry in work-study job training programs is a key initiative to making this successful opportunity for you and your family.
    • Access to affordable education produces a viable workforce that is less dependent on government assistance. College and trade schools need to be more affordable and protected from profiteering. Your children should not be saddled down with debt that they may never be able to pay back in their lifetime. By easing this burden for your children, they will have a better chance of opening innovative businesses or obtaining advanced training that will make your community more competitive and your family more stable.


Speaking Up For You!

Dr. Danielle Mitchell

It’s time to elect government officials who are TRAINED to CARE for you!


“It’s time to elect government officials who are TRAINED to CARE for you.”

-Danielle Mitchell, MD Campaign for 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee, United States Congress


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